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  • The Doctor of Love, or Doc for short, has been around for some years now but hasn’t found his groove until recently. Now, he is an unstoppable force to reckoned with! After finding no joy from previous jobs, Doc is enjoying his new career. He rocked out at Central Michigan University for some years, after graduating from St. Johns High School. Doc moved back to the Lansing area in order to find some new interesting options and has he ever. He loves sports (especially football!), movies by Kevin Smith and the “Halloween” franchise, music of all kinds, and his precious X-box 360 (which he yells at consistently). And he loves the ladies of course, but that’s a given. If you see him on the street, be sure to yell out “What’s up, Doc?!” because it’s not like he’s ever heard that one before. Hail to the king, baby!