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Lucky to be alive

by Randy Allen
An Alaska man and his family are lucky to be alive after he fought off a bear attack with his bare hands. He, his wife, and their three kids were bird watching in the wilderness when they spotted a bear. It was pretty far away, so they decided to stay away and went on with their hike. A short time later they spotted the bear coming towards them. His wife and the three little ones hid behind him and he grabbed the first thing he saw: his scope attached to a 6-foot-long tripod. He hit the bear in the face with it and it smacked it out of his hands. The bear clamped down on his forearm…but it was cold and he was wearing many layers so it didn’t actually pierce his skin. He punched the bear in the face and continued the struggle for awhile before it eventually gave up and took off. He luckily suffered only a few cuts, scratches, and bruises. No one else was hurt. The bear continued to act erratically and attacked a vehicle, a telephone pole, and was eventually shot and killed as it charged two cops.