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Spider Web

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I was walking barefoot across a convenience store parking lot to throw a cheeseburger away, for some reason. I had to duck under some tree branches and I noticed there was a spider web so I avoided it, not realizing that the web was made of fishing line. A hook caught in my shirt. Angrily I pulled the hook out then realized that there actually WAS a spider on this web so I stepped on it with bare feet. Yuck! - Barb

Lauri: Throwing away your cheeseburger suggests you no longer want something you thought would feed a certain need of yours. Did you recently do something for conveniences sake, hence the convenience store? The parking lot, the fishing hook and getting caught in the web all indicate that you are now feeling stuck, hooked into some situation and you are now feeling parked and unable to progress. There also seems to be a lot of avoidance and dodging of the issue on your part, just as you did with the tree branches and the web. I think your dream is giving you some really good advice at the end. In order to squash this issue, you must stop avoiding and put your foot down once and for all.

Barb replies: I'm actively trying to not let my trust issues from a past unhealthy and abusive relationship affect my new happy one. But also the new boyfriend is in the process of a somewhat hostile divorce so I feel like both aspects would be the negative affecting the new. The lack of help from others might just be lack of empathy or some of my exhaustion from trying to keep the peace. Thank you!

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