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Shopping for a Bathing Suit

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I dreamed my mother and I were shopping in a sporting goods store for a bathing suit. She was disapproving and hostile about my choices, and suggested we move on to look at other items that came in boxes and needed assembly. I kept harping on needing a bathing suit and finally we decided to go our separate ways. In real life, my mother and I are no longer speaking to each other, by her choice. - Dawn 50, Bronx, NY

Lauri: I'm sorry to hear about the fall out between you and your mother but rest assured this dream is trying to help you sort that out. The boxed items are the issues you have boxed away, things that have fallen apart and need to be put back together such as your relationship. The bathing suit symbolizes something you feel you need in waking life so lets see if we can figure that out. If I was from Mars and didn't know what a bathing suit was, what would you tell me?

Dawn replies: I would describe it as an article of clothing used to participate in recreation involving water. Also, that certain "bathing suits" are designed to highlight or conceal a female's most attractive and/or least attractive body parts. I am a transgender woman. I was not sure if that will help you analyze my dream more effectively.

Lauri: "Certain bathing suits are designed to highlight or conceal a female's most attractive and/or least attractive parts of our bodies." Being transgender, this highlighting and concealing different body parts has probably been a lifelong issue and this dream suggests that is your biggest concern rather than hashing things out with Mom. I think your dream is trying to tell you that you both need to be a good sport, hence the sporting goods environment and try to move.

Dawn replies: I can grasp how sporting good stores are related to being on a team, working cooperatively, or at least having fun together and playing fair! That may well explain my subconscious desire for her to work with me.

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