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First look at Henry Cavill from 'Batman vs Superman'

by Greg Belfrage

Geeks have all seen the grainy shots of Ben Affleck in the new Bat-suit from Batman vs Superman: Dark Justice.

Now Warner Bros. is giving us our first glimpse of actor Henry Cavill as Superman from the upcoming Zach Snyder movie.

I'm a huge Batman fan, but I am extremely leery of this sequel to Man of Steel.

Man of Steel was an interesting sci-fi action movie, but it was a terrible Superman movie. The movie was over and I was still waiting for Superman to make an appearance.

One of the things I loved about 2002's Spiderman was that director Sam Raimi completely understood the character. He didn't try to reinvent the wheel. Raimi told Spidey's origin simply and in a way that was very respectful of the original material.

In fact, Raimi spoke often of his fond memories for Spiderman comics. His passion and understanding of the characters translated into great moments on screen.

By contrast, Man of Steel was stark, cold and devoid of the essence of Superman. Snyder has no understanding or emotional connection to Superman. And it shows. A fan can always tell.

Batman v Superman: Dark Justice promises to be more of the same.

My guess is that fans will get a bunch of misunderstood and incorrectly drawn characters in a mish-mash of frenzied action guaranteed to do one thing... give movie-watchers a headache.

Greg Belfrage is a lifelong Star Trek fan, Batman toy collector, sci-fi movie maniac and hopeless geek. He can be reached at greg.belfrage@mwcradio.com .


Teaser photo credit: Batman v Superman Facebook