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Get Out Your Winter Aggression

by Nick Vitrano

Oh yeah…the eve of March!  It’s been a long, cold winter, and though neither the length nor the chill appear to be lifting any time soon, there’s just something about March that makes you think spring.  When March rolls around, the days are noticeably longer and there’s always an “excuse me” 43 degree day in there.  I usually get my first car window roll-down in March.  Baseball gets very real in March. 

Ahh baseball.  How we’ve missed you.

So in honor of its return, let’s look back.  And since this winter has massively sucked for all of us, let’s get out our aggression in the process.  Ladies and gentlemen, 6 minutes of hit batsmen and bench clearing brawls:

Don’t you love the guys who trot in from the bullpen for these?  Like, “Uh oh!  The middle relief as arrived!  It just got real up in here!”  Way to spring into action, fellas.  Thanks for coming.