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My Favorite Catch Phrases

by Craig Mattick

I've always marveled at some of the best announcer's catch phrases.  I would say a large number of announcers try too hard to come up with a "line of their own."  

Baseball announcers all think they have to have some sort of catch phrase for a home run.  The late Harry Caray.."It might be, it could be, it is...a home run!"    Phil Rizzuto's "HOLY COW!"   Ken Harrelson with his, "You can put it on the booooard...Yes."   The great Vin Scully, who has done Major League Baseball games for over 60-years,  does it best...its simple..."FORGET IT."

Basketball announcers have their own catch phrases, too.   "BUCKETS!"  by Gus Johson.. "Nothing but the bottom of the net" by Dan Patrick..."YES" by Marv Albert...or "THE KISS" from Bill Rafterey.

Notice there aren't a lot of catch phrases for football?  What's more basic than, "Touchdown!"

My favorite catch phrases come Bill Raftery, when there is a crucial basketball made in a college basketball game, "ONIONS!"  Then, there is  Keith Jackson. I can remember so many times during a college football game, when there was an exciting play, Jackson belting out "WHO NELLY!"

Forget about those other catch phrases, like  "Boom goes the Dynamite!" 

For announcers, the catch phrase should come naturally.