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What We’ve Learned From The NFL (Week 7)

by Cade

What We’ve Learned From The NFL (Week 7)

R.E.M. had a song in the mid-90’s, “Everybody Hurts”.  That can certainly be said for this year’s crop of NFL players.  Never have I seen so many big names either injured for the season or hampered enough to where it affects their production on the field.  Bears QB, Jay Cutler is out at least a month with a torn groin.  Fans in the Windy City are now stuck with Cade McNown until Cutler is healthy.  Colts wide receiver, Reggie Wayne and Rams quarterback, Sam Bradford are done for the season with a torn ACL.  Other big names like Doug Martin of the Bucs and Adrian Peterson of the Vikes are pretty banged up too.

My first thought...

Injuries have always been and will continue to be part of the NFL.  When you have 300-plus pounders running full speed at each other, something is bound to break.  Green Bay has the Lambeau hot-dog vendor catching balls because just about every wide-out for the Packers is hurt.  Minnesota’s secondary is starting guys like, Anderson Sendejo and Josh Robinson.  Chicago is stuck with Josh McCown at quarterback.  Detroit lost wide-out Nate Burleson to a pizza induced car accident and as awesome as Megatron is, he’s still nursing a few boo-boos.  And, that’s just the NFC North.


Even though Denver lost to Indy last week, I still believe that the Broncos are still the best team in football.  Going undefeated during the regular season doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win the Super Bowl.  Isn’t that right, ’07 Patriots?  Pro Bowl linebacker, Von Miller is back for the Broncos and they still have some very beatable teams on the schedule.  Including, the Raiders, Texans and Titans.  Peyton Manning and his Denver squad will be just fine.

Thought number three…

What happened to Monday Night Football?  That used to be one of the highlights of my week.  The match-ups were mostly good and you could always expect some fireworks for that primetime game.  The contest between Minnesota and New York last week was dreadful.  Never have two teams with a combined win total of one measly game faced each other this late in the season on MNF.  Newly acquired quarterback, Josh Freeman for the Vikings looked lost all night.  He overthrew his receivers by ten yards or so on almost every toss.  And, he threw a lot.  53 times to be exact.  Why they don’t feed the ball to the reigning MVP, Adrian Peterson is beyond me.  I understand he’s dealing with a sore hamstring and a slew of emotional issues.  But, AD at 50-percent is better than anyone else in purple at 100%.  Run the damn ball, Vikings.  


My Super Bowl XLVIII prediction.  Please understand that this feature could change each week depending on what teams do on any given Sunday.  As it stands now, I’m sticking with my picks of The New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos in the big game this February in the Meadowlands.  I feel that the only factor that will affect my Super Bowl pick is the loss of each team’s quarterback.  Both the Broncos and Saints would be screwed if they lost their future Hall Of Fame signal callers.

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