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The Shoe Drops

by Tom King

You remember the scene in Animal House where Dean Wormer has had enough of the shenanigans of Delta House and his famous quote is  'It's time for someone to put their foot down...and that foot is me" That "foot" belonged to major league baseball yesterday as they suspended Ryan Braun for the rest of this season for his involvement with the Biogenesis clinic.

ESPN reported that Braun used a "sophisticated doping regimen" for an extended time. He apologized to his teammates and fans yesterday and left Miller Park without further comment. 

This obviously was a negotiated suspension which begs the question...is it enough? What is Braun losing and how much does it sting? He's already missed a a chunk of this season and is obviously injured. The Brewers are well out of the race. So he misses 65 meaningless games and loses a small chunk of his massive salary. The bigger loss of course, is to his reputation that is now in tatters. He repeatedly lied about his involvement. He threw numerous people under the bus including the guy who collected the test in his first case. That to me, is the bigger issue. The lying is usually worse than the sin in many of these cases. There are a number of former juicers who admitted it...took their punishment and are back playing again with little fallout. Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera and Andy Pettitte are just a few that spring to mind. 

Braun will now disappear until next spring when the circus will vist Maryvale as the Brewers try and put this behind them. The media will not let that happen until they get their perceived pound of flesh.

And Braun? It will be interesting to see how he comes back to a game and a fan base that will treat him as a pariah. His teammates may support him...but other players, fans and the media are going to have little use for a guy who not only cheated...but lied about it to our faces...just ask Barry Bonds about that.