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by Jason Miller

You see guys on the pitch all the time and you think to yourself why didn't an NFL team look at him for their kicker position.  I always ask that person WHY?  You think cause they can hit a round ball from one end of the pitch to the other that they can hit an ob-long ball with a very small target to kick the ball between goal posts which at times is 50 plus yards away?  I don't know, I am not a kicking expert, shoot I can NOT kick a ball at all.  Then we get to punters.  The same thing, soccer players could do that...John Ryan played Australian Rules Football and he is going to be the next best thing.  Ummmmmm not really but you can't just base it off of one guy.  Okay well then get more guys in there to try them out and release the video on how they do.  

Kickers and Punters are an important part of the game but not that important that we draft kids out of college who have been kicking FOOTBALL's since they were 8.  But they will look at someone in a You tube video, see below, or they go to a retired soccer player and hope they can solve their kicker problem.  Or is it?  I believe the NFL does this on purpose.  The NFL is all about the next cool thing.  For example, the running QB was the cool thing, then you need a pocket passer and now you want a running/option QB.  Sometimes people over think things and don't remember it's just a game that people LOVE.  They don't want the next best thing, they want they have had for the last 100 years.  53 guys playing on your favorite team and watching them hit someone or get hit and going that would have killed me.  Do you ever say that when a kicker makes a field goal or a punter kicks a 60 yarder and puts the other team with-in the 5 yard line.  You only yell at the kicker when they screw up.  I know this, there are times when I know a buddy or two, in wheelchairs, who could have a great day, have the mother of a spasm and that ball goes forever.  Please don't be offended, I am in a wheelchair, I'm allowed.  

But lets remember, it's the game and real position players we fall in love with, not the kicker, so stop trying to make it a marque position, it won't happen.  Frankly, I think those guys like it that way.  Question for you, will older soccer players, choose the NFL as the retirement home?

Anyway, here's to the Norway guy and  David Beckham as they try to make it in the NFL.  

Will this work in the NFL...we will see: