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One of the best retires

by Jason Miller

So I am viewing the sporting news on the web and came across a headline.  Allen Iverson gives emotional goodbye at retirement announcement.  Forgive me that I didn't know he wasn't already officially retired from the game of basketball.  It had been so long that I had heard his name in the news that I just thought, he was done.  Everyone thought he was a thug, at times he justified that, but all in all he seemed from the outside, to be a guy who just loved the game of basketball and was REALLY good at it.  

A few things that jumped out at me in this clip below.  His thankfulness of Coach Thompson at Georgetown.  He mentioned how is was his way or the highway.  That is what College coaches do. That is the impact of how they change our lives forever.  I had two in my college career and I am friends with both of them still today.  

That is my first memory of AI at Georgetown.  I remember it was a game against Texas Tech, don't quote me on that, and did this sick crossover and took two steps and did a right handed layup on the left side of the hoop, almost like a reverse but it was cooler than any reverse layup I had ever seen.  

He thanked Michael Jordan.  I think anyone who is playing and who ever has played the game of basketball should thank MJ.  MJ was the reason most wanted to play the game.  Then of course he thanked his High School coach, Coach Bailey(sp) and of course he should have done that.  Then he thanked Coach Brown of the 76ers.  AI was grateful for the mental toughness he gave him and the love he showed him while they were together in Philly.

Allen Iverson retires as one of the best point guards to have graced the basketball floor.  He was fast, quick and as the song in the video of his highlights says, he had handles like pots and pans. He was about 6 feet tall and could jump like he was 6'6".  He was scrappy, I never saw anyone get knocked around like he did and bring it night in and night out.  He retires averaging 27 points per game with 6 assists per game.  He is also on a list that you never want to be on but this list includes Karl Marlone and a few others you might have heard.  He is 6th with the most points scored in a career with out a championship.  

Will you remember him for not winning a championship or will you remember him for his practice tirade or will you remember him as one of the best?  I will remember it all and if I had the chance I would just say one thing to AI....Thanks for playing and making basketball fun to watch.

Below is his announcement and a highlight film of him at Georgetown, Enjoy.