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It's Mad I tell you...

by Jason Miller

It is estimated by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association that 32 million people aged twelve and above in the US and Canada played fantasy sports in 2010.  So in the three years since we found that number of participants it has more than likely gone up.  By how much, I would say millions based on the amount of shows that are dedicated to the sport.  So why on a Monday after the first weekend of the season am I writing about Fantasy Football?  Great question and I sure hope this will answer you.  

Fantasy football has been apart of many lives for years.  In fact, I was at a family get together this weekend and there was talk about being involved with Fantasy Football for the last 30 years.  Whether it's pick the best players each week, or pick the best teams, or have a team, it's all fantasy.  So why is it a great society to belong to?  You always dream as a football fan that you could put the best players on your team and then have success for years.  Well with fantasy, it's the closest most of us will ever get to be the GM of a team.  We in fact are the GM of our team when it comes to fantasy.  We study each player during the pre-season and whether it's the last weekend of the pre-season or the first week before the first game, as team owners, GM's, we sit down at our computers and look at the list and determine if this or that guy will be the best player to take.  It's drafting and taking chances on certain players because maybe your a homer or maybe you just hate a team so much that you will NOT take a chance on their player.  You have control and that is what everyone in the world is trying to get, more control of their lives.  

So at the end of the day why am I writing about this.  Because I am playing fantasy football and the league I'm in has lots of points to be scored.  So, who do I go against out of the gate?  Peyton Manning and Wes Welker.  I was down 126 points before any of my guys started playing.  If Antonio Gates can get me 20 points tonight, I believe that I will be in the driver seat in my league and to beat me, will be impossible.  Hey if I didn't feel that way I should give up now.  But there is no give up, there is only want to.  Want, to be the best this year.  To show that I am in control of my team and I drafted better than the other 13 guys in the league I'm in.  It's sport and that's why you play the game, to win.  

At the end of the day does it really matter, hell no, but at the end of the day does it matter if your NFL team wins or loses?