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70,920 ish is enough

by Jason Miller

So how many people does it take in a town to turn out a great NFL players?  Just about 71,000.  Now after looking around the web I found that there have only been 6 other players from this town lucky  enough to make it to the NFL  

Not only was this town the birth place of the player I am talking of but lets not forget that it wouldn't have been his hometown had his parents not made this town their home.  Players usually get all the credit, but I am going to say a big thanks to the parents of one JJ Watt.  Mr. and Mrs. Watt, thank you for creating with the help of GOD one of the greatest defensive players we have in the league right now and if his career continues in this direction, might be one of the best we have seen.  

Mr. and Mrs. Watt did you ever have that ah ha moment where you knew, JJ is going to be an NFL player?  I wonder if you ever had that moment where you thought if all this food he is eating doesn't make him an NFL player it better lead to a good job cause our grocery bill is, WOW?  Was there ever a moment where you said I don't know what else he could be other than a football player?  You did a great job raising him and the only thing that would make me a bigger fan is if he were a Green Bay Packer.  

Here are the other six players that made it from Waukesha:

-Kurt Larson, 1989 - 1991 and played for Indy and Green Bay (born and raised)

-Kenneth (Red) Keuper, 1945 - 1948 and played for Green Bay and Giants (born and raised)

-Terrance Dillion, 1963 and played for the Vikings (born and grew up in Hopkins, MN)

-Charles DeShane, 1945 - 1949 and played for the Lions (born and grew up in Grand Rapids, MI)

-Richard Blanchard, 1972 and played for the Patriots (born and grew up in Olympia Fields, IL)

-Rodger John Anderson, 1978 - 1989, yes that John Anderson who played for the Packers (born and raised)

You need to check out this video of JJ Watt and be amazed by what you will see.  Everyone always talks about stopping and smelling the roses, we need to stop and realize that we are watching a player who COULD go down as one of the best.