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Video of the Gopher football team acting like idiots.

by Jon Henseler

Wussification personified right here folks. Like this is the generation that has had everything spoon fed for them their entire lives. Have always been told how awesome and special they are. Have always had everything mapped out for them their whole lives. Have no clue what it's like when things go wrong in the real world (at least that's what people who live in the real world tell me about it, place sounds awful). I mean is Minnesota kidding me here? EVERY SINGLE YEAR the winner of the axe goes to each goalpost and fake chops it down. EVERY YEAR. So now Wisconsin wins the damn thing for the 10th straight time and Minnesota's got a bunch of butthurt tough guys sitting on their end to make sure Badger players don't take part in a tradition? Wow way to stand up for yourselves guys. Hey if you don't want Bucky chopping down your goal posts I think I might have a workaround for you. Win the damn game. Pretty simply stuff. And scoring a single offensive point is a good jumpoff point as well. I pray to God the next time we win in Minnesota we bring an actual axe and actually chop down each goalpost.