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Packer's drop one to Philly, lost another QB, serenity now!

by Jon Henseler

Now those who are avid readers of Strange Brew (hi Mom, my buddy Paul, and Dad sometimes) know that I try to find some sort of pop culture reference to correlate to the previous day's Packer game. I'm like a Stanley Kubrick blog except at a very diet level/not at all like that. But today I got nothin'. So I went with a little Turd Ferguson big hat to cheer me up and I hope it does the same for you. It's funny because it's bigger than a normal hat.

- I watch all Packer games with the Jsonline live blog on one screen and Facebook on the other so I can make pithy comments during the game. And another one with Stat-tracker open so I can watch The Romosexuals get nailed (HEYO!) every week. So basically any post game blog you read is based on maybe 41 minutes of actual viewing time. That being said, I thought one of the Jsonline contributors put things into context for my generation. He said 'young Packer fans don't know what to think, this was 1968-1992 for us.' Touche Blue! I'm apart of the generation of fans that basically only knows two Hall of Fame QBs with a little Matt Flynn sprinkled in. 

- Yes that dude's name is Blue. Since Old School every old man I don't know is named Blue in my head.

- I expected Scott Tolzien to look like a newborn giraffe trying to walk when he got in, but I was refreshingly surprised. The red zone pick was a killer but beyond that he displayed a more arm strength than Wallace (then again so does a snake) and look poised and confident. If nothing else comes from yesterday I think that will be the last time we see Seneca Wallace take a snap. So in that regard we won yesterday.

- I realize that Dom Capers is getting a LOT of heat today and rightfully so. But I don't understand how it's his fault that safeties that have been on our team for YEARS still don't understand basic zone coverage. Mark Roman-esque day for Morgan Burnett. Tramon Williams should have 17 INTs this year. Just brutal top to bottom. If you're on your third string QB you need your defense to be as lock down as possible and not only have we not been that, we're actually regressing. We put up about as much resistance as Boon in Animal House when he was asked if he minded if we dance with your dates .

- Look I appreciate Clay trying to gut it out as much as anyone, but the guy can't play with that bowling ball on his hand. Dude looks like Bomberman . I think I'd rather have a guy with two functioning hands than that. Again, guy is as grizzled as they get, but he might be more of a detriment right now.

- Speaking of detriments, Mason Crosby. GREAT time to go back to being calibrated like a Strom Trooper. And why is Masthay not kicking off anymore? I thought that was supposed to be one of the reasons Crosby got it together?

- Officials yesterday on BOTH sides. Lance Easley thinks you had a rough afternoon.

So now it's Tolzien time baby! I'm not too optimistic about New York, but if we can beat the Vikes at home the week after that and PRAY we get A-Rod back by Thanksgiving we might have a shot. 6-5 and a chance to run the table with the MVP back in the flow. If A-Rod is still out for that game this season might be sheets. We've gone from 'Remain calm, all is well !' to 'EVERYBODY PANIC! ' pretty quickly.

PS: If you would have told me in August that I would be cheering a Scott Tolzien to Brandon Bostick touchdown pass in November I would have punched you in the face. From behind a keyboard, metaphorically.