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Justin Tucker's 61 yarder just about puts him in Nate Pool territory.

by Jon Henseler

Detroit! What a game last night. Justin Tucker just struttin' his ass out from HIS OWN 49 yard line, right on the Lions logo and delivers a dagger to the heart of Detroit with a 61 yard field goal. And he simultaneously puts the Packers in the driver seat in the NFC North. Win two games and you're in the dance. Flat out outrageous the way things are falling into place for the Packers right now. 23 point comeback win on Sunday, 61 yard field goal Monday night. And if you want to watch the field goal you can click here . I wanted to have that be the first video and the Vine be the second but apparently Bud Selig is in charge of NFL media and they won't let you embed onto another blog. They had 19 extra page-views just waiting there for them and they took a hard pass*. My favorite part of the video though is the dude dressed as a Lion in the front row on the left side of the video. I picture him walking all the way back to his place with sad Charlie Brown music playing behind him the whole time.

Don't worry though Detroit. Balitmore may have beaten you last night, but it wasn't too long ago that you recaptured 'murder capital of the world ' from them. So you've got that going for you, which is nice.

*Yup just referenced Pitch Perfect. Which I've watched on HBO about 234324 times in the last week. Cue Senor Chang.