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Internet tough guys are up 1 game to nothing against the Cards in the Internet World Series

by Jon Henseler

So this basically broke the internet yesterday. Take a gander at the description of the Cards on the far right of the screen under 'follow'! Now I know this made a lot of people laugh yesterday, but not me. It's these types of immature jokes that are destroying the fabric of our culture every single day. Like there are kids that read the internet bro. So uncool. But a friend of mine couldn't stop laughing. I think he even made a Microsoft Paint Cards jersey that included their new nickname and has it as the wallpaper on his blogging computer. Yup he's a blogger too. He's what gives people like a me a bad name. Like I'm a journalist man, I don't have time for this Mickey Mouse stuff. But the internet wants what it wants, and this was viral yesterday so I'll post it only as a service to those who haven't seen it yet. 

PS: If I'm on the short list of suspects for the Google Police it wouldn't shock me. Hopefully I go to minimum security internet prison. And even that's no joke. They make you blog with 56K modems and Windows '95.