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Dominic Raiola is NOT a Fan of the UW Marching Band

by Jon Henseler

So if you had the biggest story in the NFL on Monday being a Detroit Lions offensive lineman's feud with a college marching band come collect your money! Honestly those odds might have been longer than the Jaguars of covering +28 in Denver this weekend. And if you missed the whole story you can read it here but I feel like there has to be more to this story than what we're getting. And take it from someone who was a band member AND a tuba player (we are a proud race) you have to grow accustomed to some amount of harassment. Getting gay slurs hurled your way just comes with the territory. A band member complaining about being made fun of would be like a mechanic complaining about getting dirty or an internet blogger complaining about lake of vitamin D from zero sun exposure. That being said, some of the things Raiola said are above and beyond the typical trash. Like I'm not sure I've hated anything as much as Raiola hates the UW marching band. Raiola hates the marching band like McCarthy* hated communists or Governor Wallace hated integration. Which is why I feel like something must have happened to him involving a band member in the past. It just seems irrational otherwise. Then again if I lived in Detroit and played for the Lions the last 10 years I guess I'd be a little salty too. 

*Joe, not Mike. Although I feel 85% confident Mike isn't down with commie's either.

PS: Jim Schwartz saying 'it will be addressed' is about the equivalent of me saying 'I'm never drinking again' when I wake up hungover.

Double PS: Best part of his insults were the fat jokes. Bro you're a shade under 3 bills. Glass houses my man. And it would be a damn SHAME if the Badger marching band doesn't play for the Lions game next season and one of the tuba players doesn't follow Raiola around like this: