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Diamondbacks Still Upset the Dodgers Celebrated in Their Swimming Pool

by Jon Henseler

So if you missed this over this past weekend the Dodgers clinched the NL West in Arizona and decided to celebrate by jumping in the swimming pool the D-Backs have in center field. Well ever since the Diamondbacks have been whining about how the Dodgers were 'disrespectful' and 'embarrassing the game' and blah blah blah. Basically carrying on and on for a week about how LA pissed in their Cheerios. Well actually the latest development is that I guess they actually did pee in the pool and that's why this thing is getting re-hashed. Ummmmmm duh? Of course they did. They were in the pool weren't they? Like I figured that was just a given. You win the division at your rival's stadium, you run to center field and pee in their pool. If you don't like it how about not letting an 8 game division lead in June melt away. Not to mention Mr. Dodger Kirk Gibson is the manager in Arizona. He knows how this works. If this were 1986 he would have been the first guy in that pool cannon-balling like Ron Burgundy. So a few players peed in the pool. It's not like this is the Green Monster or the Ivy at Wrigley or Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. It's a frieking swimming pool you pay hot chick to loiter in during a game. Grow up.

PS: Full disclosure: I was talking about this with a buddy over the weekend because it's all that sports radio had on and he was on Team Diamondbacks. I couldn't believe it until he said this 'this would be like the Cubs clinching at Miller Park and running up to Bernie's Clubhouse and going down the slide to celebrate.' To say my rage motor went from 0 to 60 at the thought is an understatement. Touche friend I made up to make this story sound believable.