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Alabama T-Shirt is So Alabama You've Got to Respect It

by Jon Henseler

Friggin' Alabama football folks. I've got to admit I think I'm a little jealous of people who grew up in the SEC culture. Nothing more important than college football to the point where I don't think people who don't live in it can fully understand how big of a deal Alabama football really is. It's basically 1950 in Alabama. College football is way more important than pro football, everything is made with whole milk, AOL chat rooms still exist, segregation, etc. It's like a time warp. You need a Flux Capacitor to cross state lines. And don't get me wrong, I care about Badger football. But I don't think I'll ever care for ANYTHING the way 'Bama fans care about the Tide. Makes me sort of envious but again, I'm pretty sure it's one of those things where if you don't live it you'll never fully understand. It'd be like if I went to the Million Man March. I can appreciate the cause but I'll never fully identify. 

PS: National Championships and Blurred Genetic Lines, that's what Alabama does!

Double PS: Think this poodle knows it has Tide Swag times infinity?