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Why You Should Listen to Previously Unreleased Tracks... at Least Ones by Nirvana

by Ryder

So Nirvana's next 20th anniversary reissue, In Utero, is due out September 24th and includes 70... yes SEVENTY tracks... many "previously unreleased." But isn't that just a nice way to say "not good enough for the final cut?"

The Smart Studio Sessions which appear on Nirvana's Deluxe Edition reissue of Nevermind prove any "not good enough" theory wrong. The main reason they were dumped was the Smart Studio Sessions were recorded with Chad Channing on drums and as soon as that was over Cobain, Novoselic and producer Butch Vig knew they wouldn't be releasing them as part of the second Nirvana album. Plus alternate lyrics on Stay Away, the different base line on In Bloom and one of the most polished versions of Sappy in existence really let you hear how much work goes into writing/producing/recording a song. Like jumping into a time machine and BEING THERE while it's all going down. Not an experience any one who says they love music should pass up on. September 24th, dude. September 24th.