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Vince Neil has OK'd this Country Cover of Home Sweet Home, But Will You?

by Ryder

Tracks are trickling out from Nashville Outlaws , a country music tribute to Motley Crue . The band made Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll a trio in the minds of every American who had access to a radio, MTV or dive bar jukebox in the 80s, but now this? The legendary party-ers just launched their Seriously For Real Never Going to Play Another Show Again Tour (or something like that ) and the tribute album comes out Tues July 8th, 2014. Here's country musician* Justin Moore's stab at "Home Sweet Home":

Just to refresh your memory, here's the Crue's original:

For me personally, this is more fuel for my argument that modern country is just castrated rock and roll. All genre hatin' aside I still like the country version better than this:

*we are damn near positive this cover is not done by Justin Moore the soccer player , however photographic evidence could prove us wrong.