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VIDEO: Hardcore legends Black Flag to release 22-song album by end of summer

by Eli Kroes

...Well, more or less. It might only have two original members, but virtually the last punk band to not cash in on the 'reunion' thing yet has finally come back. Guitarist Greg Ginn and one-time vocalist Ron Reyes have been releasing a steady stream of singles this summer in preparation for the first 'official' Black Flag album since 1985's 'In My Head.' 

And with 22 songs, it seems clear the band will be returning somewhat to their hardcore punk roots. One of the singles, 'Down in the Dirt' is more akin to the group's mid-80's sludge-metal, but the others are firmly rooted in the fast-and-loud. The album will, of course, be released on the band's own SST Records.

Another collection of Black Flag survivors (including THREE original members) are calling themselves FLAG and playing the band's classics, but Ginn and company are the first to release new material. Longest-running vocalist Henry Rollins, however, is not involved in either project.

Unfortunately for Michiganders, the closest they'll be coming to the mitten is Tennessee, but more dates might show up. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with this:

...and this: