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Grammy's Disrespect Rock

by Amber Lee

Rock fans thought this was the year the genre was finally going to get some respect. Granted a couple of cool moments happened, but two big disrespectful moments can’t go unnoticed. 

First, Jeff Hanneman was not mentioned in the ‘in memoriam’ segment of the award show.

Secondly, the NIN-QOTSA-Dave Grohl-Lindsey Buckingham jam was interrupted mid-performance to acknowledge sponsors. The band was not informed this would happen, and Trent Reznor made his anger well known with this tweet: “Music's biggest night ... to be disrespected. A heartfelt F--K YOU guys." This was the most hyped performance of the night, possibly only second to Metallica’s performance. 

You can watch the beginning of the jam with the interruption HERE. (I'm sorry, but this is Perez Hilton's website. It is the only place I could find where the video has not been pulled for copyright infringement). 

Here is Metallica's performance: