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Axl Rose's Ex Auctioning Off His Stuff

by Amber Lee

Erin Everly and Axl Rose separated over 20 years ago. She’s finally auctioning off some of their past. It’s surprising it took this long. Their relationship has been described as good when it was good and hell when it was bad. Erin talks in depth about the split in this ’94 interview HERE.

Three years after their annulment in 1994, Erin even sued Axl for sexual battery, as well as physical and emotional assault. However, it was settled out of court, so none of the details of the case went public. 

The auction items include their marriage certificate, love letters, photos, items of clothing Axl wore in different videos, backstage passes, etc. Some of them are pictured below. 

Check out all the auction items at JULIEN'S LIVE