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Rob Zombie walks off, no refunds issued.

by Lunchbox

So everyone has had a day to process Rob Zombie's walk-off at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI. Some are brushing it off, others are still upset with Mr. Zombie. I'm still trying to figure out how someone couldn't figure out all day that they couldn't talk/sing? Anyway, a new dynamic has been added to this monster equation...There will be no refunds.

That announcement came this morning through a local newspaper article, which can be found here .

Zombie attempted another half-assed apology on Twitter yesterday , after deleting the first one. No reasoning was given for the deletion of the first Tweet, but it appears to be scrubbed from his page.

Who knows, we could find out that he swallowed a porcupine, or he has real vocal cord issues, but as for right this second, his behavior, lack of foresight, and attitude after the fact have left me questioning Rob Zombie's drive and ethics. But maybe that's just me.