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Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park TRIES to call out an alt-rock band

by Lunchbox

Mike Shinoda has been a pretty good hype-machine for Linkin Park and their new album The Hunting Party. He's been subscribing to the "any news is good news" line of thinking this go around, after seemingly starting a big fight with Sublime a few weeks back, he moved onto the current crop of alt-rock bands. Earlier this week he took sharp digs at Vampire Weekend and Chvrches. Calling them "Disney commercial music" in a recent interview.

Well, as the old saying goes, it's probably not a good idea to throw stones in glass houses Mr. Shinoda.

When Chvrches was asked about the comments on Swiss TV, they were quick to point out the hilarity in Shinoda's comments. (there's some NSFW and foreign language here):

You can skip right to the 9 minute mark here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-QaEH5r8xI#t=540

In case you didn't want to fight through the video, here's their hits against him:

Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry immediately called it "bullshit." while pointing out that Shinoda's currently taking shots at bands who are getting a lot of press to help boost HIS band's sales. She followed that up with "They've been on the radio for how many years? And I just don't listen to that radio station and move on. And I think that's a smarter move then saying something for a tagline.

Her most devastating blow came in her drop-the-mic line "I don't really like being called a corporate sellout by the man who wrote the theme music for the MTV VMAs."

Sorry Mike Shinoda...you just got severed...in a soothing female Scottish accent.