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Lost Prophets former lead singer Ian Watkins sentenced on child sex crime charges

by Lunchbox

This was one of the sickest stories of the year...and NOT JUST IN ROCK. Former Lost Prophets frontman Ian Watkins was arrested in December of 2012 on 23 counts of child sex crimes . He denied the charges aggressively for most of 2013. Then late in the year, he changed his plea to "guilty" on 13 counts. 

By Lprandyb at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons 

The counts range from possessing child pornography to the attempted rape of a baby. Yes, a BABY. In the court proceedings it was revealed that Watkins attempted to rape an 11-month-old in a London hotel. 

After all of this disturbing news came out, Watkins was set to be sentenced for his crimes. The court ruling came down today, and was actually pretty easy for someone accused of such heinous crimes. The court has ruled that Watkins will receive 35 years in prison. That's it, 35 years for attempting to rape a baby.