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Bret Michaels doing great charity work on the road

by Lunchbox

During his show in Wisconsin last Friday, Bret Michaels stopped multiple times to reference his many charity endeavors, including one that was super-local to the event. The show was happening as part of the Wisconsin Valley Fair in Wausau, WI, and present in the crowd was the Treyden Kurtzweil family and at one point, even invited Treyden's parents on-stage to sing with him. Treyden's story was a heartbreaking tale of a very young boy who fought hard for his life before losing his battle earlier this year. Bret treated the family with honor, respect, and what appeared to be, legitimate love.

In moments like this, it really doesn't matter what people think about Bret Michaels, his music, or his TV shows...what he showed on this summer night, is that rock stars can still use their fame for good. Bret Michaels is out on the road entertaining, while he creates awareness for causes, puts his time and effort behind charities, and will actually use this platform to raise money. 

After the show, he auctioned off items he wore on stage that night. One of the concert-goers, Tara Fredrick, actually purchased a couple of these items, and was kind enough to share the picture with us. Here is Tara with the shirt and bandanna she bought

Imagine the power that other rock artists would have in this instance. How much money could be raised for great charity efforts. It's sad to see a lot of this fame go to waste. But for some, like Bret Michaels, it's part of what he does.