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Scott Weiland apologizes to STP fans.

by Otto Man

Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland apologized to the group's fans feel who are "caught in the middle" of his very public legal battle with his former band. Earlier this year, STP fired Weiland and recruited LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington to take over as frontman. (Beware some NSFW language in the following)

During Weiland's solo show in Philadelphia this past Saturday night, some of the fans began to chant "F*** you, Chester". Weiland thanked the fans for the support and added, "It's just a big old planet, a big old universe and in a big circle, it all works out. Anyway… Actually, Chester has his own band that makes a lot of money. I'm not really quite sure why he joined a band who is actually nameless. The problem is I shouldn’t have said anything at all and I apologize to those fans out there who are, feel like they’re caught in the middle of it, cause I sure feel like I'm caught in the middle of it emotionally, and all I want to do is play music, man." More and more