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Marilyn Manson's "tribute" to Paris Jackson

by Otto Man

Loudwire filed the following report: As widely reported, the late Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris apparently attempted suicide, with one of the reasons for her heartache supposedly being that she broke down after she was forbidden to see a Marilyn Manson concert. After the initial reports, Manson extended an invitation to Paris to see him perform, but he took things one step further last Thursday night in concert.

TMZ reports that during his show in Los Angeles, Manson dedicated the song ‘Disposable Teens’ to Paris, but then shortly after that he simulated slashing his wrists with his blade-like microphone. It should be noted that Manson has performed a similar act at his previous shows, but given that Paris reportedly slit her wrists, the rock star’s display took on an eerier vibe than usual.

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