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David Coverdale wants to make up with Robert Plant

by Otto Man

According to Classic Rock magazine, WHITESNAKE frontman David Coverdale wants to personally apologize to Robert Plant for the "ugly things" he said about the LED ZEPPELIN singer nearly two decades ago. The battle began 20 years ago when Jimmy Page joined the Whitesnake frontman for the ‘Coverdale / Page‘ project. Page’s former Led Zeppelin bandmate Plant referred to the team-up as ‘David Cover-version’ at the time. Coverdale fired back at Plant, saying “There’s certainly no love lost between myself and Robert … I wouldn’t send him cat food if he was starving.” Now Coverdale says he’s sorry for their 20-year fight. In the interview, which is scheduled for broadcast later this week, Coverdale says he recently talked to Page and told him that he’d “love to buy Robert a drink.” According to Coverdale, he told the Zep guitarist, “When you speak to him, offer my sincere regrets for any negative things I’ve ever said, which were mostly defensive.” Coverdale admits he doesn’t know how Plant will respond, he hopes the two can put aside their differences. “I don’t hold any animosity, just disappointment in myself that I took the bait and ran with some ugly things,” he said.

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