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Does this fur make me look fat?

by Stacy Cole


Depending on which article you're reading, 30-70% of American pets are overweight.   That's a lot, either way.  What difference does it make to a pet?  That extra weight puts a huge strain on their joints, heart, and respiration.  Overweight pets can develop diabetes, as well as other health issues. Sounds a lot like the human condition, doesn't it?

How can you tell?

Weighing your pet is always a great way to see what's going on but you can check visually, as well. You should be able to see a visible waist on your pet and be able to feel their ribs.   Have you noticed they are eating more?  If you suspect your cat or dog has gained weight, it's a good idea to see your veterinarian. 

Drastic weight variation is something you should be watching for as your pet ages. A sudden weight loss can indicate a serious health issue and should be checked immediately. Always talk to your veterinarian before starting ANY diet for your pet.  

It might be embarrassing that you have an overweight pet but don't let that stop you from getting help for your furry friend.  The sooner they lose the weight, the more active they will become and the better they will feel.  It's worth the effort to keep them comfortable and happy.   Your vet will be glad that you care enough to do something about it so don't be embarrassed.