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Twins first spoon feeding

by Nikki Montgomery

At the twins' 6 month well baby visit the pediatrician told us that it's okay to start baby cereal then move on to dark green veggies and then other veggies and fruits. Always start with veggies. Wait on meats until 8 months.

Spoon feeding your little one for the first time is so much fun. With twins it's twice as fun. They make such funny faces and most babies make a big mess. Surprisingly the twins stayed pretty clean and I think they enjoyed their first bowl of cereal.

Zoey was very excited she kept her hands up the whole time waving them between bites.

Kenzie held the cereal in her mouth for a little while before swallowing looking at me like, "what did you just do?"

Though they both seemed into it at first they both clenched their mouths shut before getting halfway through their serving. Josh gets frustrated when the do that or when they spit their food out. I keep reminding him that they're just learning. It will take them a while to get used to this new way to eat.

My sister is having a difficult time getting them to eat cereal too. I wonder if I should make up some veggies next week. I may also introduce a sippy cup next week. We didn't give Mia one until she was 9 or 10 months old, but after reading comments from other moms it seems like 6 months is a fine time to start and our pediatrician told us it's okay to give them juice and water in a sippy cup. At what age did you give your child a sippy cup? What brand or style do you recommend?

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