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Homemade Baby Food Recipes

by Nikki Montgomery

The twins are about 5 1/2 months old now and the doctor said we can start giving them baby food at 6 months. So it's time for me to get to work.

I made all of Mia's baby food. The only time I didn't make it was when we were traveling because the store bought stuff didn't need to be refrigerated and they sealed better so we didn't have to worry about them spilling all over the place.

I feel better making baby food because I know it's better for the babies. There are no preservatives and just like for you and me eating fresh is best. I know many people think it's too much work to make their own baby food, but I'm here to tell you it's really not.

Here are a couple tips I used when making baby food the first time around while working full time.

  1. Make extra veggies with your dinner . Whether you steam or boil your veggies scoop out what you're going to eat leaving the water, then take the left overs and some of the water and put it in the blender (the water contains much of the vitamins). Switch on the blender and there you have it you have made baby food and your food will still be warm enough to eat. While you eat your dinner, the baby food will cool off enough to be poured into a freezer container like the one pictured above or you can use a regular ice cream tray with a lid. Throw it in the freezer over night. The next morning pop out the cubes and put them in a freezer bag and label it with the date and what it is. Now you're ready to do it all over again tonight at dinner time.
  2. Set aside a couple hours on a Weekend. This is when I made a bulk of baby food. Specifically fruits. I'd throw a squash in the oven to bake. I'd cut it in half and coat the skin in olive oil. Bake it with the squash side down for an hour at 350. While that was baking I'd boil apples and pears usually in the same big pot and steam peaches in the steamer or with the steamer basket. They all took different amounts of time to finish so I could have one type of fruit all blended by the time the next one was done. After the allergy test days (3 days of a single type of food) I could mix these things together too. Mia loved apples mixed with squash and apples with pears. You can pretty much mix apples with anything and it makes it better. The only way I could get her to eat peas is if apples were mixed in.

With stage one foods I always mixed the cereal, fruits and veggies with breast milk to give it that familiar taste and to make it more runny.

The doctors suggest starting with cereal then moving on to fruits and veggies. I'm a big advocate for giving babies veggies before fruits because I know from experience once babies taste that nice sweet flavor of fruit it's harder to get them to eat veggies. Breast milk is sweet so that's another benefit to mixing it with veggies.

Homemade baby food is good in the freezer for about a month. Most fruits and veggies do well in the freezer...avocados don't. If you are giving your baby avocado make it one serving at a time. It's easy to make it at stage three because you basically just have to mash it up and they'll eat more of it.

Save high allergy foods for later like strawberries, besides being a high allergy food they also have those little seeds that believe it or not could make your baby choke. Steer clear of raspberries until later on too.

Here's some baby food recipes when you're ready to blend some flavors together.

I'd love so see some of your homemade baby food tips and recipes. I will post recipes as I make them as well. If I have an assistant perhaps I will do a video of my bulk baby food day.

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