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Breastfeeding challenges

by Nikki Montgomery

I am a believer in breastfeeding as you all know from previous blogs, but I'll tell you it isn't always easy. It's worth it for all the health benefits especially during cold and flu season. The babies are getting antibodies from me to help them stay healthy. It's cheaper than formula and it saves time because you don't have to clean and sterilize bottles, but it is more challenging. I see how some people just give up and go to formula, but thanks to support from Lora Harris, the lactation consultant at Ministry checking in on me and offering advice and my awesome husband's support I'm sticking to it. 

We've been spending a lot of time at the clinic and hospital since the twins have been born which means we've had to run out pretty much every day. As part of our leave routine we need to figure in the latest possible time to feed the babies so we have more time available to be out before the next feeding. It takes 20 minutes to feed the babies if I feed them both at the same time, which requires an assistant (twin moms, if you have suggestions on how to do this without help please contact me), then we'll have two solid hours of out and about time before they start getting hungry again.

If I am going to the Ministry Medical Group in Point I know there's a nice nursing area so I don't need to worry so much about the next feeding time and they are really good about letting me use the room a little longer if I have to nurse too.

I also discovered that Younkers in the Wausau Center Mall has a very nice nursing area just inside the bathroom door, granted it would've been a little nicer if it had been on the other side of the bathroom because everyone who comes in to use the bathroom walks right through the nursing area, but hey what the heck it's still a comfortable area large enough for me, the twins, Mia and my mom with a rocker, changing table, and loveseat. I wish more stores would have an area like this or even if they put a comfortable chair in a family bathroom I'd be happy. It sure would save a lot of trouble. One day we had to make a stop at Kmart and I had to nurse in the car. Because of all the carseats we have now I had to do it in the front seat so no tinted windows. I do have a nursing cover so it's not like I was totally exposed to the world, but everyone walking by or parking nearby knew what I was doing. Oh well, gotta feed the babies.

When we went to Marshfield Clinic Marshfield Center for Kenzie's hip ultrasound and doctor appointment they had us scheduled there for 4 hours. So I fed them right before we left and we went to the first appointment which took an hour so by the time we were done there I needed to start looking for a place to nurse. I asked the ultrasound tech and she told me that pediatrics has a nursing spot so I trucked down there with my entourage and found that it is just a little cubby with just enough room for a rocker and is made private by a curtain. Due to the set up I was forced to feed one baby at a time so it took me roughly 45 minutes at lunchtime to feed them and my mom had to entertain one or the other as well as 2 year old hungry Mia in the waiting room. Luckily we were in pediatrics so there was stuff for her to do. We ate lunch and went to the next appointment in Pediatric Orthopedics where there is no where to nurse so we had a choice I could feed both babies again in the waiting room that was full of people, run everyone back down to Pediatrics and do that whole fiasco over again or we could listen to them cry the whole 30 minute drive home. So I tucked myself back into the corner put the double stroller in front of me with our coats piled on top of it, threw my breastfeeding cover on and fed them right there. There was no one sitting right next to us so I figured I wasn't too bothersome.

As convenient as breastfeeding is because the food source is always there no heating or mixing required it is inconvenient at times when you're out and about, but you figure out ways to make it work. When the babies are a little older and I can pump and bottle feed them it may become easier, but for now we make due for the health our girls. It sure would be nice if more places were accomodating to breastfeeding mothers though. Thank you Younkers!

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