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Baby number 2 decisions

by Nikki Montgomery

When we had Mia we were all about doing it as naturally as possible. We took Lamaze and we were prepared. Or so we thought. The Friday before she was due everything looked great. She was in ready position and my body was starting to adjust the way it was supposed to preparing for delivery. Tuesday I went into labor and when we arrived at the hospital the nurse couldn't feel the baby's head so she called in the doctor who confirmed that the baby was breech. I had experienced a horrible pain driving to work the day before and that's when she must have done her flip. Because she was breech and there was no room to attempt to turn her I had to have a cesarean. I didn't want to and I cried, but it was a much better decision than trying to deliver her breech. 

Now we're expecting baby number 2 and our doctor told us we have the option of VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) or another C-section. The doctor told me after delivering Mia that the type of incision they did would allow me to do a vaginal delivery next time, but my regular doctor was pretty straight with me and I really appreciate it. My doctor said though it is an option and everything would most likely go smoothly there's a 1% chance things could go horribly wrong and the baby could die. During delivery my scar could open up and if that happened the placenta could disconnect from the uterus wall killing the baby. Even if that didn't happen there's still a chance that scar could open up and I could have internal bleeding and I'd have to be rushed into surgery. The whole team of doctors and surgeons would have to be on call in case of an emergency. He also told me that 20% of births result in c-section anyway so I may have to have one regardless of my choice. He said, "If you were my sister I would tell you to have another c-section, because the risk is controlled." If something happens in the operating room during the c-section like if the surgeon nicks my bladder they can fix it right away.

No matter how much I wanted a natural delivery even a 1% risk is too high for me. 

The downside to having another c-section is the recovery time is longer and there are so many restrictions following. My doctor assures me that if we are able to do the c-section before I actually go into labor it will be much better. Last time my muscles had been strained from contracting so much prior to the c-section so the 

Did you have a C-section? Did you attempt a VBAC the next time?