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Say what?

by David Kuharski

Question: When you were a kid, did your parents correct your grammar?  Or maybe they questioned your choice of words?  Julie and I try--where our feeble baby food brains are able--to correct tenses and words.  For instance, one day we asked Caleb to clean his room.  Simple enough request... But Caleb was empowered by his friend down the block and used some of his choice lingo on us... 'I ain't cleanin' my room!'

Say what?

After our double-take (picture the Bugs Bunny cartoon double-take and sound effect) we said, 'Well, yes you are cleaning your room AND we don't say aint.'  I'd be lying if I said he gladly marched into his room and took care of what we asked, but I will say "ain't" has disappeared from his lexicon. 

That's why this article troubles me.  How about you? 


No, I don't think I'm going to be O.K. with our youngest, Joe, coming up to me and asking if I'm going to Twerk...

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