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Movie Trailer Friday

by Matt Z

There are four movies opening in wide release this weekend and two of the four, I would like to see. We start with Hercules . The movie is getting much better reviews than I thought it would and it just has the feel of a good, action packed popcorn flick. You wanna see an Oscar hopeful flick? This won't satisfy you.

Lucy is up next. Scar Jo stars in the action thriller and kicks a lot of ass. I would watch that.

And So It Goes looks like it should be going into the trash. I'm just saying.

The Fluffy Movie is all about comic Gabriel Iglesias, on stage and behind the scenes.

Here are some of the movies opening in limited release this weekend:

A Most Wanted Man (the movie I'm most excited to see that comes out this weekend)

Happy Christmas (saw this at the Wisconsin Film Festival, very good)

The Kill Team

Magic in the Moonlight

Very Good Girls