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Random thoughts from last night's Revolver Golden Gods awards

by Terry Stevens

* How is this crowd not going nuts for The Dillinger Escape Plan right now?  This is easily the most metal thing that's happened on the show so far!

* Arejay Hale beat Gene Hoglan (and Neil Peart) for best drummer?  Dafuq?

* Phil Anselmo's thoughts on the loss of Jeff Hannenman.  #realtalk

* Halestorm may not be metal, but I have to give credit to any gal who can rock wearing heels that high.

* Wayland does a better cover of Zep's "Whole Lotta Love" than Lzzy Hale and Dave Draiman.  Sorry, but it's true.

* The production values on this show are pretty rough in spots.  Why does the nominees font look like soap opera logos?

* Tweet of the night:  "[Ivan Moody] from Five Finger Death Punch sounds like Joe from Family Guy."  #ThingsICan'tUnhear

* Random 8-year old in the crowd?  WTF?

* So...many...F-bombs.  I'm no prude, but come on guys.  Get a little more creative with the swearing.

* Five Finger Death Punch's bass player has a Cthulu beard.

* The sound mix on this show is somewhere between jack and crap.  A building full of music industry peeps, and no one knows how to run sound?

* Black Veil Brides win Song of the Year.  Get trophy.  Get booed.  Talk smack to people booing them.  Still not metal.

* Papa Emeritus II is a class freaking act.  Nice tribute to Jeff Hanneman.

* Kerry King's tribute to Hanneman was cool too.

* Danzig was good.  Danzig with Doyle doing Misfits songs was divine!

* Rob Halford hobbling around with a cane is still more metal that Black Veil Brides.

* Chris Jericho's Anthrax joke was awesome.

* Say what you will about Metallica's later work, they still bring it live.  I do wish that James would stop dropping his newer vocal style into the older songs, though.  It's jarring.

* Winner of the night.  Dillinger Escape Plan.  Loser of the night.  The crowd being dead for DEP.

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