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The Winery Dogs 2nd Video from Debut Record

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo
The Winery Dogs, a new project featuring drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob), bassist Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Talas) and guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen (Mr. Big, Poison) have posted a video for their second song Desire.

Check it out:

The band’s self-titled debut record, will be released in Japan on May 15 and July 23 in America.

The Winery Dogs track listing:
1. Elevate
2. Desire
3. We Are One
4. I’m No Angel
5. The Other Side
6. You Saved Me
7. Not Hopeless
8. One More Time
9. Damaged
10. Six Feet Deeper
11. Criminal
12. The Dying
13. Regret