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UFO's Hot ‘N Live-The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-1983 Drops in Rocktober

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo

Chrysalis will open its vaults next month for a live collection that spotlights rare and unreleased music from British artist UFO.

Hot ‘N Live-The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-1983 will all be available as 2-CD set on Rocktober 8th for a list price of $18.98.

UFO is not only one of the UK’s most prolific rock bands, but its music has also influenced an entire generation of modern metal groups like Iron Maiden and Metallica. Hot ‘N Live-The Chrysalis Live Anthology 1974-1983 is a double-disc set packed with rare live tracks from these hard rock pioneers. It features eight previously unreleased performances recorded at the band’s legendary 1980 Marquee shows, including the songs Too Hot to Handle and Love to Love.

The first disc covers guitarist Michael Schenker’s tenure with the group (1974-1978), while the second disc highlights the period with guitarist Paul “Tonka” Chapman (1980-1983). Hot N’ Live includes new liner notes based on a recent interview with bassist and founding member Pete Way.

Disc One

1. Oh My
2. Give Her the Gun
3. Prince Kujuku
4. Space Child
5. Mother Mary
6. Can You Roll Her
7. Highway Lady
8. I’m a Loser
9. Let It Roll
10. Lights Out
11. On With the Action
12. Doctor Doctor
13. Ain’t No Baby
14. Rock Bottom
15. Pack It Up (And Go)

Disc Two:

1. Chains Chains*
2. Lettin’ Go
3. Long Gone*
4. Cherry*
5. Only You Can Rock Me*
6. No Place to Run*
7. Love to Love*
8. Makin’ Moves
9. Too Hot to Handle*
10. Hot ‘n’ Ready*
11. Mystery Train
12. Lonely Heart
13. We Belong to the Night
14. When It’s Time to Rock
15. Blinded By a Lie
* Previously Unreleased