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Rush - Clockwork Angels Comic Book Series Coming Spring 2014

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo

Rush are bringing the story of their 2012 record, Clockwork Angels, to the world of comic books next spring.

The 6-issue Boom! Studios miniseries will launch in March.

Lyricist/drummer Neil Peart hatched the coming-of-age story of a naïve youngster in a turn-of-the-century world of airborne steam liners, pirates, carnivals, working alchemy and wind-up contraptions with novelist Kevin J. Anderson, who wrote the Clockwork Angels novel and is also penning the comic-book adaptation.

With a feel and tone of Norman Rockwell crossed with The Hobbit, Clockwork Angels introduces teenage Owen Hardy, an assistant apple-orchard manager in a small, out-of-the-way British country village who's in line to get a major promotion when he turns 18.

However, he wants to leave the Tick Tock Tavern and other familiar spots behind to find his fate in the metropolis of Crown City.

Anderson inserted Rush lyrics into the prose of the Clockwork Angels novel, and similarly he's sprinkling Easter eggs in the comic, taking references from various Rush albums and sneaking them into back corners of panels and clouds in the sky.

Rush recently released a new live DVD entitled Clockwork Angels Tour.

The band were filmed and recorded last November at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas for the project.