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New Live Cinderella Record Drops in May

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo

Cinderella will be releasing their new live record Stripped on May 16th.

The album was recorded live at The Key Club in Hollywood, California during the band's Unfinished Business tour on Rocktober 2nd and 3rd of 1998. The record is comprised of 14 tracks; included as a bonus are two songs recorded live in 1991.


'The More Things Change'
'Push Push'
'Gypsy Road'
'Fallin Apart At The Seams'
'Heartbreak Station'
'The Last Mile'
'Shelter Me'
'Coming Home'
'Hot And Bothered'
'Nobody's Fool'
'Somebody Save Me'
'Shake Me'
'Don't Know What You Got'
'Sick For The Cure' (bonus track)
'Make Your Own Way (bonus track)