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New Guns N' Roses Book Welcome To My Jungle to be Released Next Week

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo

Guns N Roses fans might be aware of many facts concerning the band's success. However, they have never known the facts of what really happened within the band backstage on their touring days.

Fortunately for fans, Craig Duswalt hasnt just heard rumors - he knows what went on backstage on one of the longest and most popular music events because he lived it. And now he's written about it in his unauthorized memoir, Welcome To My Jungle . This 312-page hardcover will hit store shelves on May 13th.

As Axl Rose s personal manager during the ridiculously long world tour, Duswalt experienced things that would make most people run the other way and never look back. And in Welcome To My Jungle, he shares the sometimes hilarious, sometimes just plain reckless, and always insane actual happenings on the tour.

A true must-read for Guns N Roses fans, Welcome To My Jungle delights readers with hilarious and entertaining exclusive firsthand stories like:

- The day Axl Rose, Kurt Cobain, and Courtney Love got into a huge war backstage at the MTV Awards
- Why Guns N Roses are forever linked to Charles Manson
- The night Liz Taylor walked in on a very nude Slash - and stayed a while

Featuring little-known facts for the ultimate GNR fan, Welcome To My Jungle gives an inside look at what its really like to live and work with a hugely popular band, from the middle of a rock and roll hurricane.