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New Billy Idol Record - Kings And Queens Of The Underground Drops In Rocktober

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo

Billy Idol will be releasing his first new record in almost a decade titled ~ Kings & Queens Of The Underground on Rocktober 21st.

Kings & Queens Of The Underground was primarily produced by Trevor Horn , with Greg Kurstin also contributing as a producer to two songs, including the anthemic lead single, Cant Break Me Down .

The record will arrive close to the release of Billy Idols self-written autobiography, Dancing With Myself, which drops worldwide the week of Rocktober 7th.


"Bitter Pill"
"Cant Break Me Down"
"Save Me Now"
"One Breath Away"
"Postcards From The Past"
"Kings & Queens Of The Underground"
"Eyes Wide Shut"
"Ghosts In My Guitar"
"Nothing To Fear"
"Love And Glory"
"Whiskey And Pills"