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Don Dokken's Solitary Acoustic Record Released In Digital Format For The First Time

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo

Don Dokken has released his long out of print solo record Solitary in digital format for the first time. The release is available exclusively on Amazon.com  Solitary, the Dokken frontman's second solo ecord, was originally sold exclusively at live shows during a small run of acoustic dates while opening for Queensryche in early 2008. Joining Dokken on the release were bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm & Blue Murder) guitarists Wyn Davis, Michael Thompson, and Steve Ornest, drummers Frank Lentz, Gary Ferguson, and Vinnie Colaiuta, and an appearance by singer Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge). 

The acoustic Solitary was Dokken's first solo release since 1990's highly underrated Up From The Ashes.  

Track listing:  01. In The Meadow 
02. I'll Never Forget 
03. Where The Grass Is Green 
04. Ship Of Fools 
05. You Are Everything 
06. Venice 
07. Sarah 
08. The Tragedy 
09. Someday