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Behind The Scenes Clip From New David Lee Roth Short Film Released

by Jon Bloggin' Rogo

Van Halen front-man David Lee Rot h has shared behind the scenes footage from the filming of his2013 Japanese film short, Tokyo Story ...this Tarrantino-style short stars Roth as an assassin and famous Sumo wrestler Konishiki as the card sharking villain.

Written by Roth, the 4-minute film features the singer taking on a group of Japanese thugs in a card game who try to take advantage of "the American" who they think can't speak English.

Roth became a resident of Tokyo in 2012; he continues to maintain homes in New York City and Pasadena, California. Reports indicate Van Halen are actively working on a new record, the follow-up to 2012's A Different Kind Of Truth .