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What Do Slipknot Look Like Without the Masks?

by Jennifer Taylor


The nine members of Slipknot were able to keep their faces well-hidden for many years, but with the rise in popularity of the band Stone Sour, which features vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root, along with the unmasked interviews within the 2006 ‘Voliminal: Inside the Nine’ DVD, Slipknot’s identities were eventually revealed. 

Although Slipknot members such as Craig Jones and Chris Fehn still fly below the radar while unmasked, such individuals as Corey Taylor, Shawn Crahan and others have become instantly recognizable by fans. Below are pictures of every Slipknot member unmasked, including the band’s late bassist Paul Gray. Behold, the true faces of Slipknot:

#0 – Sid Wilson (turntables):

#1 – Joey Jordison (drums):

#2 – Paul Gray (bass):

#3 – Chris Fehn (percussion / backing vocals):

#4 – Jim Root (guitar):

#5 – Craig Jones (sampling / media):

#6 – Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan (percussion / backing vocals): 

#7 – Mick Thomson (guitar):

#8 – Corey Taylor (vocals):

For more details on Slipknot visit their website at www.slipknot1.com