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Monday's Odd Item In The Den-Strange New Products

by Jennifer Taylor

Strange New Products


Carl's Jr. Offers New Boxer Shorts

Finally, the boxer shorts that you've always wanted! Starting this week, Carl's Jr. and ...


Phantom Frames - LED Bicycle Frames

Dubbed "the brightest idea in kid's bicycles", Phantom Frames is a new line of kids ...


Mr. Tea Infuser

Throw some tea in your trousers! Made from food grade silicone, just put some loose-leaf tea int...


Hair Brush for Bald Heads

Perfect for the aging, yet discriminating, metrosexual in your life, this Hair Brush for Bald Heads,...


Bacon Shaving Cream

While there are many fine fragrances out there, few can begin to compare to the perfection of bacon....


Fly Snapper - A Better Way to Kill Flies

The Fly Snapper promises to be a more efficient way to kill flies than the fly swatter. You hold...


Bottle Cap Opener Ring

Impress your buddies when you show them popping the cap off a beer bottle with one hand!  The perf...


Penis Shaped Toothbrush

This penis shaped toothbrush makes a great gift for that someone who always has a cock-in-hand.  T...


Pee Puck Turns Your Toilet Yellow

Pee Puck is a new prank that you place in the toilet reservoir, turning the toilet water yellow for ...


A Truly Clean Towel Everytime

True Clean Towel solves that old problem of "which end of the towel did I dry my ass with?"...

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